Collection of publicly available IPTV channels from all over the world
Updated 2024-02-21 01:08:20 +01:00
a list of disposable and temporary email address domains
Updated 2024-02-20 22:47:16 +01:00
A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers
Updated 2024-02-20 22:19:49 +01:00
A curated list of amazingly awesome open-source sysadmin resources.
Updated 2024-02-20 18:33:14 +01:00
Analizamos y mostramos seguridad HTTPS de sitios web públicos, como medida para visualizar aquellos que pueden suponer un riesgo para sus usuarios.
Updated 2024-02-20 04:25:59 +01:00
Jo eh.
Updated 2024-02-18 22:53:32 +01:00
A curated list of awesome PostgreSQL software, libraries, tools and resources, inspired by awesome-mysql
Updated 2024-02-17 20:23:12 +01:00
Awesome Privacy - A curated list of services and alternatives that respect your privacy because PRIVACY MATTERS.
Updated 2024-02-16 12:14:12 +01:00
Consolidating and extending hosts files from several well-curated sources. Optionally pick extensions for porn, social media, and other categories.
Updated 2024-02-16 04:32:27 +01:00
El internete no se toca
Updated 2024-02-14 20:09:22 +01:00
scripts que uso para compilar algunos programas en diferentes distros de GNU+Linux
Updated 2024-02-06 10:46:27 +01:00
Easy install Script for Rustdesk
Updated 2024-02-04 21:34:56 +01:00
Scripts to build your own IPsec VPN server, with IPsec/L2TP, Cisco IPsec and IKEv2
Updated 2024-02-04 06:48:34 +01:00
WireGuard VPN server installer for Ubuntu, Debian, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE and Raspberry Pi OS
Updated 2024-02-04 06:30:55 +01:00
OpenVPN server installer for Ubuntu, Debian, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, CentOS, Fedora, openSUSE, Amazon Linux 2 and Raspberry Pi OS
Updated 2024-02-04 06:30:33 +01:00
Sencillo análisis de las estadísticas de usando los toots de @paquita_stats
Updated 2024-01-31 17:52:20 +01:00
art research essays and schematics
Updated 2024-01-22 17:16:30 +01:00
Inspired by @veltman's command-line mystery, use SQL to research clues and find out whodunit!
Updated 2024-01-19 22:08:57 +01:00