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// swad_user.h: users
#ifndef _SWAD_USR
#define _SWAD_USR
SWAD (Shared Workspace At a Distance in Spanish),
is a web platform developed at the University of Granada (Spain),
and used to support university teaching.
This file is part of SWAD core.
Copyright (C) 1999-2024 Antonio Cañas Vargas
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
/********************************** Headers **********************************/
#include <mysql/mysql.h> // To access MySQL databases
#include "swad_action.h"
#include "swad_constant.h"
#include "swad_cookie.h"
#include "swad_cryptography.h"
#include "swad_date.h"
#include "swad_degree.h"
#include "swad_forum.h"
#include "swad_icon.h"
#include "swad_language.h"
#include "swad_layout.h"
#include "swad_menu.h"
#include "swad_nickname.h"
#include "swad_password.h"
#include "swad_photo_shape.h"
#include "swad_privacy_visibility_type.h"
#include "swad_role_type.h"
#include "swad_scope.h"
#include "swad_search.h"
#include "swad_setting.h"
#include "swad_string.h"
#include "swad_theme.h"
/******************************** Public types *******************************/
// Related with user's data
struct Usr_Data
long UsrCod;
char EnUsrCod [Cry_BYTES_ENCRYPTED_STR_SHA256_BASE64 + 1];
char UsrIDNickOrEmail[Cns_MAX_BYTES_USR_LOGIN + 1]; // String to store the ID, nickname or email
struct ListIDs *List;
unsigned Num;
} IDs;
char Nickname [Nck_MAX_BYTES_NICK_WITHOUT_ARROBA + 1];
char Password [Pwd_BYTES_ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD + 1];
Rol_Role_t InCurrentCrs; // Role in current course (Rol_UNK is not filled/calculated or no course selected)
int InCrss; // Roles in all his/her courses
// Check always if filled/calculated
// >=0 ==> filled/calculated
// <0 ==> not yet filled/calculated
} Roles;
bool Accepted; // User has accepted joining to current course?
char FullName [Usr_MAX_BYTES_FULL_NAME + 1];
Usr_Sex_t Sex;
char Email [Cns_MAX_BYTES_EMAIL_ADDRESS + 1];
bool EmailConfirmed;
char Photo [Cry_BYTES_ENCRYPTED_STR_SHA256_BASE64 + 1]; // Name of public link to photo
Pri_Visibility_t PhotoVisibility; // Who can see user's photo
Pri_Visibility_t BaPrfVisibility; // Who can see user's basic public profile (minimal record card)
Pri_Visibility_t ExPrfVisibility; // Who can see user's extended public profile (figures, follow)
long CtyCod; // Country
struct Dat_Date Birthday;
char StrBirthday [Cns_MAX_BYTES_DATE + 1];
char Phone [2][Usr_MAX_BYTES_PHONE + 1];
char *Comments;
long InsCtyCod; // Country of the institution
long InsCod; // Institution
long CtrCod; // Center
long DptCod; // Department
char Office [Usr_MAX_BYTES_ADDRESS + 1];
char OfficePhone [Usr_MAX_BYTES_PHONE + 1];
} Tch;
unsigned CreateNotif; // One bit activated for each type of event
unsigned SendEmail; // One bit activated for each type of event
} NtfEvents;
Lan_Language_t Language;
unsigned FirstDayOfWeek;
Dat_Format_t DateFormat;
The_Theme_t Theme;
Ico_IconSet_t IconSet;
Mnu_Menu_t Menu;
unsigned SideCols;
PhoSha_Shape_t PhotoShape;
Coo_RefuseAccept_t RefuseAcceptCookies; // User has accepted third party cookies
} Prefs;
struct Usr_Last
Sch_WhatToSearch_t WhatToSearch; // Search courses, teachers, documents...?
Hie_Level_t Level; // Course, degree, center, etc.
long HieCod; // Course code, degree code, center code, etc.
} LastHie;
Act_Action_t LastAct;
Rol_Role_t LastRole;
long LastTime;
long LastAccNotif;
struct Usr_InList
long UsrCod;
char EnUsrCod[Cry_BYTES_ENCRYPTED_STR_SHA256_BASE64 + 1];
char Password[Pwd_BYTES_ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD + 1];
Usr_Sex_t Sex;
char Photo[Cry_BYTES_ENCRYPTED_STR_SHA256_BASE64 + 1]; // Name of public link to photo
Pri_Visibility_t PhotoVisibility; // Who can see user's photo
long CtyCod; // Country
long InsCod; // Institution
Rol_Role_t RoleInCurrentCrsDB; // Role in current course in database
bool Accepted; // User has accepted joining to one/all courses?
bool Remove; // A boolean associated with each user that indicates if it must be removed
struct Usr_ListUsrs
struct Usr_InList *Lst; // List of users
unsigned NumUsrs; // Number of users in the list
struct Usr_SelectedUsrs
char *List[Rol_NUM_ROLES]; // Lists of encrypted codes of users selected from a form
bool Filled; // If lists are already filled/readed
char *ParSuffix;
Usr_ListUsrsOption_t Option; // What option I have selected to do with these selected users
struct Usr_ListUsrCods
long *Lst; // List of users' codes
unsigned NumUsrs; // Number of users in the list
/****************************** Public prototypes ****************************/
void Usr_InformAboutNumClicksBeforePhoto (void);
void Usr_UsrDataConstructor (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
void Usr_ResetUsrDataExceptUsrCodAndIDs (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
void Usr_ResetMyLastData (void);
void Usr_UsrDataDestructor (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
void Usr_GetAllUsrDataFromUsrCod (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat,
Usr_GetPrefs_t GetPrefs,
Usr_GetRoleInCurrentCrs_t GetRoleInCurrentCrs);
void Usr_AllocateListUsrCods (struct Usr_ListUsrCods *ListUsrCods);
void Usr_FreeListUsrCods (struct Usr_ListUsrCods *ListUsrCods);
Usr_MeOrOther_t Usr_ItsMe (long UsrCod);
void Usr_GetUsrCodFromEncryptedUsrCod (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
void Usr_GetUsrDataFromUsrCod (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat,
Usr_GetPrefs_t GetPrefs,
Usr_GetRoleInCurrentCrs_t GetRoleInCurrentCrs);
void Usr_BuildFullName (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
void Usr_WriteFirstNameBRSurnames (const struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
void Usr_FlushCachesUsr (void);
void Usr_FlushCacheUsrIsSuperuser (void);
bool Usr_CheckIfUsrIsSuperuser (long UsrCod);
Usr_Can_t Usr_ICanChangeOtherUsrData (const struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
Usr_Can_t Usr_CheckIfICanEditOtherUsr (const struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
Usr_Can_t Usr_CheckIfICanViewRecordStd (const struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
Usr_Can_t Usr_CheckIfICanViewRecordTch (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
Usr_Can_t Usr_CheckIfICanViewTstExaMchResult (const struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
Usr_Can_t Usr_CheckIfICanViewAsgWrk (const struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
Usr_Can_t Usr_CheckIfICanViewAtt (const struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
void Usr_WriteLandingPage (void);
void Usr_WriteFormLogout (void);
void Usr_Logout (void);
void Usr_PutLinkToLogin (void);
void Usr_WriteFormLogin (Act_Action_t NextAction,void (*FuncPars) (void));
void Usr_WelcomeUsr (void);
void Usr_CreateBirthdayStrDB (const struct Usr_Data *UsrDat,
char BirthdayStrDB[Usr_BIRTHDAY_STR_DB_LENGTH + 1]);
void Usr_FilterUsrBirthday (struct Dat_Date *Birthday);
void Usr_PutFormLogIn (void);
void Usr_WriteLoggedUsrHead (void);
void Usr_PutFormLogOut (void);
void Usr_GetParUsrIdLogin (void);
unsigned Usr_GetParOtherUsrIDNickOrEMailAndGetUsrCods (struct Usr_ListUsrCods *ListUsrCods);
void Usr_PutParMyUsrCodEncrypted (void *EncryptedUsrCod);
void Usr_PutParOtherUsrCodEncrypted (void *EncryptedUsrCod);
void Usr_PutParUsrCodEncrypted (const char EncryptedUsrCod[Cry_BYTES_ENCRYPTED_STR_SHA256_BASE64 + 1]);
void Usr_GetParOtherUsrCodEncrypted (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat);
void Usr_GetParOtherUsrCodEncryptedAndGetListIDs (void);
bool Usr_GetParOtherUsrCodEncryptedAndGetUsrData (void);
void Usr_ChkUsrAndGetUsrData (void);
void Usr_ShowFormsLogoutAndRole (void);
bool Usr_ChkUsrCodAndGetAllUsrDataFromUsrCod (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat,
Usr_GetPrefs_t GetPrefs,
Usr_GetRoleInCurrentCrs_t GetRoleInCurrentCrs);
void Usr_UpdateMyLastData (void);
void Usr_InsertMyLastCrsTabAndTime (void);
void Usr_WriteRowUsrMainData (unsigned NumUsr,struct Usr_Data *UsrDat,
bool PutCheckBoxToSelectUsr,Rol_Role_t Role,
struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
void Usr_GetListUsrs (Hie_Level_t Level,Rol_Role_t Role);
void Usr_SearchListUsrs (Rol_Role_t Role);
void Usr_GetUnorderedStdsCodesInDeg (long DegCod);
void Usr_GetListUsrsFromQuery (char *Query,Rol_Role_t Role,Hie_Level_t Level);
void Usr_CopyBasicUsrDataFromList (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat,
const struct Usr_InList *UsrInList);
void Usr_FreeUsrsList (Rol_Role_t Role);
bool Usr_GetIfShowBigList (unsigned NumUsrs,
Act_Action_t NextAction,
void (*FuncPars) (void *Args),void *Args,
const char *OnSubmit);
void Usr_CreateListSelectedUsrsCodsAndFillWithOtherUsr (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
void Usr_PutParSelectedUsrsCods (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
void Usr_GetListsSelectedEncryptedUsrsCods (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
bool Usr_GetListMsgRecipientsWrittenExplicitelyBySender (bool WriteErrorMsgs);
bool Usr_FindEncUsrCodInListOfSelectedEncUsrCods (const char *EncryptedUsrCodToFind,
struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
bool Usr_CheckIfThereAreUsrsInListOfSelectedEncryptedUsrCods (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
unsigned Usr_CountNumUsrsInListOfSelectedEncryptedUsrCods (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
void Usr_FreeListsSelectedEncryptedUsrsCods (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
void Usr_GetListSelectedUsrCods (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs,
unsigned NumUsrsInList,
long **LstSelectedUsrCods);
void Usr_FreeListSelectedUsrCods (long *LstSelectedUsrCods);
void Usr_CreateSubqueryUsrCods (long *LstSelectedUsrCods,
unsigned NumUsrsInList,
char **SubQueryUsrs);
void Usr_FreeSubqueryUsrCods (char *SubQueryUsrs);
void Usr_FreeListOtherRecipients (void);
void Usr_ShowFormsToSelectUsrListType (Act_Action_t NextAction,
void (*FuncPars) (void *Args),void *Args,
const char *OnSubmit);
unsigned Usr_GetColumnsForSelectUsrs (void);
void Usr_SetUsrDatMainFieldNames (void);
void Usr_WriteHeaderFieldsUsrDat (bool PutCheckBoxToSelectUsr);
void Usr_PutFormToSelectUsrsToGoToAct (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs,
Act_Action_t NextAction,
void (*FuncPars) (void *Args),void *Args,
const char *Title,
const char *HelpLink,
const char *TxtButton,
Frm_PutForm_t PutFormDateRange);
void Usr_GetSelectedUsrsAndGoToAct (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs,
void (*FuncWhenUsrsSelected) (void *ArgsSelected),void *ArgsSelected,
void (*FuncWhenNoUsrsSelected) (void *ArgsNoSelected),void *ArgsNoSelected);
void Usr_ListUsersToSelect (struct Usr_SelectedUsrs *SelectedUsrs);
void Usr_ListAllDataGsts (void);
void Usr_ListAllDataStds (void);
void Usr_ListAllDataTchs (void);
unsigned Usr_ListUsrsFound (Rol_Role_t Role,
const char SearchQuery[Sch_MAX_BYTES_SEARCH_QUERY + 1]);
void Usr_ListDataAdms (void);
void Usr_SeeGuests (void);
void Usr_SeeStudents (void);
void Usr_SeeTeachers (void);
void Usr_DoActionOnUsrs1 (void);
void Usr_DoActionOnUsrs2 (void);
void Usr_SeeGstClassPhotoPrn (void);
void Usr_SeeStdClassPhotoPrn (void);
void Usr_SeeTchClassPhotoPrn (void);
void Usr_PutSelectorNumColsClassPhoto (void);
void Usr_ConstructPathUsr (long UsrCod,char PathUsr[PATH_MAX + 1]);
void Usr_ShowWarningNoUsersFound (Rol_Role_t Role);
unsigned Usr_GetTotalNumberOfUsers (void);
void Usr_WriteAuthor (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat,For_Disabled_t Disabled);
void Usr_WriteAuthor1Line (long UsrCod,HidVis_HiddenOrVisible_t HiddenOrVisible);
void Usr_ShowTableCellWithUsrData (struct Usr_Data *UsrDat,unsigned NumRows);
void Usr_PutWhoIcon (Usr_Who_t Who);
void Usr_PutParWho (Usr_Who_t Who);
Usr_Who_t Usr_GetParWho (void);
//-------------------------------- Figures ------------------------------------
void Usr_GetAndShowUsersStats (void);
void Usr_GetAndShowUsersRanking (void);