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// swad_match.h: matches in games using remote control
#ifndef _SWAD_MCH
#define _SWAD_MCH
SWAD (Shared Workspace At a Distance in Spanish),
is a web platform developed at the University of Granada (Spain),
and used to support university teaching.
This file is part of SWAD core.
Copyright (C) 1999-2023 Antonio Cañas Vargas
This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU Affero General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
along with this program. If not, see <>.
/********************************* Headers ***********************************/
#include "swad_game.h"
#include "swad_match_print.h"
#include "swad_scope.h"
#include "swad_test.h"
/************************** Public types and constants ***********************/
#define Mch_MAX_BYTES_TITLE ((Mch_MAX_CHARS_TITLE + 1) * Str_MAX_BYTES_PER_CHAR - 1) // 2047
#define Mch_NEW_MATCH_SECTION_ID "new_match"
#define Mch_NUM_SHOWING 5
typedef enum
Mch_START, // Start: don't show anything
Mch_STEM, // Showing only the question stem
Mch_ANSWERS, // Showing the question stem and the answers
Mch_RESULTS, // Showing the results
Mch_END, // End: don't show anything
} Mch_Showing_t;
/* Columns */
#define Mch_MAX_COLS 4
#define Mch_NUM_COLS_DEFAULT 1
struct Mch_Match
long MchCod;
long GamCod;
long UsrCod;
char Title[Gam_MAX_BYTES_TITLE + 1];
unsigned QstInd; // 0 means that the game has not started. First question has index 1.
long QstCod;
time_t QstStartTimeUTC;
Mch_Showing_t Showing; // What is shown on teacher's screen
long Countdown; // > 0 ==> countdown in progress
// = 0 ==> countdown over ==> go to next step
// < 0 ==> no countdown at this time
unsigned NumCols; // Number of columns for answers on teacher's screen
bool ShowQstResults; // Show global results of current question while playing
bool ShowUsrResults; // Show exam with results of all questions for the student
bool Playing; // Is being played now?
unsigned NumPlayers;
} Status; // Status related to match playing
struct Mch_UsrAnswer
int NumOpt; // < 0 ==> no answer selected
int AnsInd; // < 0 ==> no answer selected
/***************************** Public prototypes *****************************/
long Mch_GetMchCodBeingPlayed (void);
void Mch_ResetMatch (struct Mch_Match *Match);
void Mch_ListMatches (struct Gam_Games *Games,
bool PutFormNewMatch);
void Mch_GetMatchDataByCod (struct Mch_Match *Match);
void Mch_ListOneOrMoreMatchesAuthor (const struct Mch_Match *Match);
void Mch_ListOneOrMoreMatchesTimes (const struct Mch_Match *Match,unsigned UniqueId);
void Mch_ListOneOrMoreMatchesNumPlayers (const struct Mch_Match *Match);
void Mch_ToggleVisResultsMchUsr (void);
void Mch_ReqRemMatch (void);
void Mch_RemoveMatch (void);
void Mch_RemoveMatchesInGameFromAllTables (long GamCod);
void Mch_RemoveMatchesInCourseFromAllTables (long CrsCod);
void Mch_RemoveMatchesMadeByUsrInAllCrss (long UsrCod);
void Mch_RemoveMatchesMadeByUsrInCrs (long UsrCod,long CrsCod);
void Mch_EditMatch (void);
void Mch_PutParsEdit (void *Games);
void Mch_GetAndCheckPars (struct Gam_Games *Games,
struct Mch_Match *Match);
void Mch_CreateNewMatch (void);
void Mch_ChangeMatch (void);
void Mch_ResumeMatch (void);
void Mch_GetIndexes (long MchCod,unsigned QstInd,
unsigned Indexes[Qst_MAX_OPTIONS_PER_QUESTION]);
void Mch_PlayPauseMatch (void);
void Mch_ChangeNumColsMch (void);
void Mch_ToggleVisResultsMchQst (void);
void Mch_BackMatch (void);
void Mch_ForwardMatch (void);
bool Mch_CheckIfICanPlayThisMatchBasedOnGrps (const struct Mch_Match *Match);
bool Mch_RegisterMeAsPlayerInMatch (struct Mch_Match *Match);
void Mch_GetMatchBeingPlayed (void);
void Mch_JoinMatchAsStd (void);
void Mch_RemMyQstAnsAndShowMchStatus (void);
void Mch_RemoveMyQuestionAnswer (const struct Mch_Match *Match,unsigned QstInd);
void Mch_StartCountdown (void);
void Mch_RefreshMatchTch (void);
void Mch_RefreshMatchStd (void);
void Mch_GetQstAnsFromDB (long MchCod,long UsrCod,unsigned QstInd,
struct Mch_UsrAnswer *UsrAnswer);
void Mch_ReceiveQuestionAnswer (void);
void Mch_StoreQuestionAnswer (const struct Mch_Match *Match,unsigned QstInd,
struct Mch_UsrAnswer *UsrAnswer);
void Mch_GetMatchQuestionsFromDB (struct MchPrn_Print *Print);
void Mch_DrawBarNumUsrs (unsigned NumRespondersAns,unsigned NumRespondersQst,bool Correct);